Sticky Buffalo Chicken Wings

So, the day has come to prepare the so-American wings dish. You know that it is perfect for a good dinner with friends, or just as a midnight snack (if there are wings left, of course). Enjoy the sticky chicken meat, as it is as tasty, as it is easy to prepare. Just encourage yourself to wait a bit longer than normal. No worries anyways! We promise it is worth it!

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Stuffed Mozzarella

We all realize how famous Italian cuisine has come to be over the past few centuries. Everywhere around the world, people know about pasta, pizza (which actually comes from China) and all types of cheese that have become a constant part of our everyday life. 
So, today we are introducing a simple recipe for hungry people with limited time for cooking. It is really making a whole in the mozzarella and stuffing it with stuff, but there is always something more to it. 
Anyways, you can check out what our stuffed mozzarella looks like this time and decide if you are eager to try it a modo nostro. or make up your own version of it.

Minced Meat Indian Samosas

As promised, the Indian recipe sequel continues. 

Today we present to you the most delicious Indian Samosas that you can think of. Unlike the true vegetarian/chicken/turkey samosas, this one is as unique with its minced pork&beef, that any vege-something might change their eating preferences. Crispy brown dough filled with some nice mixture of meat and countless spices makes us go “Mmmm'”!

Be brave and take your time experimenting and improving your cooking skills with this one. Do not be shy to share your results and ideas with us!

Greek Buyurdi (Bougourdi)

We know that the Greek Buyurdi sounds more like a Turkish dish, but the reason for that is the fact the recipe origins back in  Constantinople – the capital of the Byzanthine Empire (it was placed in that region). No matter what the history behind is, it is known for sure how finger-licking tasty this dish is.

Both fitting greatly for a diet, but filling, it is so far the recipe with the least calories in our journey here!

As we like to say, easy as it is, just vegetables and cheese, we bet even the most fierce meat-eater will delight our Buyurdi!