Turkish Tulumba

Turkey is that country on the Europe-Asia border, which is worldwide famous for its amazing desserts, the Turkish delights (expect a recipe) and any kind of another sweets with or without syrup.

The tulumba is probably one of the most widespread Turkish delicacy. It looks like the Mexican churros, but trust us on this, this is much, much better. And yes, surprisingly, it could be crispy, juicy and soft at the same time!

Transfer yourself to Southeastern Europe with this tasty thing.

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Chocolate Lava Cake

What tastes better than the classic chocolate souffle (as we call it in Bulgaria), or the mostly-known as chocolate lava cake. 

It is true that the it might not be the healthiest option after a nice meal, or as a meal by itself, but the great amount of delight it serves just compensates perfectly.

The taste of good dark chocolate and the aroma of vanilla make a great combination whatsoever. And plating it nicely in a colorful plate with as many scoops of ice cream as you wish, just puts a great happy ending to our chocolate story.

So, why sorry, when you can feast your taste buds with this treasure!

Indian Rosogollas (Rasgullas)

What better way to top a heavenly delicious Indian 4-course meal than the soft and juicy Rasgullas. What is great here is that, if you’d like to, you can make this dish extremely healthy, as you exclude the (otherwise) sugar syrup and enjoy the exclusive taste of the curd balls.

But who needs this anyways?! This one life is to enjoy it, right!

Greek Galaktoboureko

If you let yourself check, this is the dessert with the highest calories! But every single one of them is worth it – especially during a treat day!

Very sugary and very syrupy, this Galaktoboureko is in top 3 of the most heavenly delicious Greek desserts (EVER). We do not have much more to say, because the mouths are full, so just go ahead and join us!