Main Courses

Risotto with Mushrooms and Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese

Viva Italia, viva la pasta! 

Good old traditional risotto with delicious fresh mushrooms would never have you mistaken. Both fresh and fulfilling, this pasta will bring back the nice taste of the everlasting restaurants in the Verona streets, or the small venues by the Venice canals.

risotto, with, mushrooms,parmigiano, regianno, cheese

Roasted Rabbit with Cherry Tomatoes and Fresh Herbs

Rabbits are not as complicated to prepare as many people claim. It is the craft there and what better practice than trying to roast one in the oven. We know very well it is not easy, but if you follow strictly a recipe at first, you you will surely nail it!

By far, this is the top recipe of the blog, so we will be happy to hear what your try has resulted in!

We will you a happy feast and let the taste be with you!

Indian Rogan Josh

Continuing with the Indian wave of delicious dishes, today we present to you one very well-known lamb recipe. It is not the chicken meat Indians adore (which, by the way you can use instead of the lamb for one reason or another), but the great basmati rice that absorbs the flavors of the meat and sauce just makes you fall in love with it from bite one. 

We do not know a person yet to not want to try this Rogan Josh again!

Greek Moussaka

Greek equals tasty. This is something we have heard so many times and we never get disappointed. All out trips to Greece (it is just South of Bulgaria) have been so fulfilling and treasured deeply. 

The views, the beached, the mounts, THE FOOD! Nothing is to be missed. Just like our Greek Moussaka today. One of the greatest inventions of all time and a topic for many discussions between Greek and Bulgarian people – which nation make this heaven in a dish appear on Earth first.

No matter who is to take the blame, this amazing mix of eggplants, minced meat and yoghurt filling will make you melt to you bones from taste!