Dips and Sauces

Caesar Sauce

We all know how famous and how delicious is the classic Caesar sauce that is often put as a dressing to … the Caesar salad. As every other sauce, no matter how healthy ingredients we use (e.g. Light mayo), it is still a guilty pleasure and for sure not something to be consumed every day.

Anyways, today we are introducing you to our version of the Caesar sauce – easy to remember, simple to prepare. Do not be scared and jump right at it for another tasty feast!

Olive Dip

Unlike most of the dips the humanity knows, this one is as healthy as it gets for a non-diet, condiment-containing dip. The olive dip is probably the easiest and the cheapest paste we prepare at home for another period of binge watching or just as a snack in the middle of the night, when our hunger demons are calling.

Combining it with some freshly roasted sliced loaf of bread, it might get out of this world. Yes, the calories, too.

Fortunately enough, now is not the time for worries. We have one life to live, why not live it with olive dip! 

Hari (Spicy Mint) Chutney

If you have seen the Minced Meat Indian Samosas recipe already, you should be expecting to know what the recipe for the chutney on the photo is. 

As promised, we put into a brief description how to prepare this healthy, typical Indian chutney. Easy and fast to prepare, go ahead and enjoy you completed Samosas dish now.

Greek Tzatziki Dip

What is something more Greek than the so famous Tzatziki dip?! You can put it in a Gyros (Greek fast food), use it as a salad even, if you’d like to, or enjoy it as the yogurt miracle it is. 

Truth is, it goes with everything and anything, it’s easy to prepare and you can find plenty of dairy free alternative recipes around the vast space of the Internet.

This is so far the most simple recipe to prepare, so go ahead and try along with us. You can always share with the rest of the Feasters in the comments!