Rucola, pomegranate and walnuts salad

Enjoy this great and, yet, simple salad for an easy dinner or just for a glass of wine every now and then.

As well as being very cheap, it is heavenly delicious and a perfect piece for a nice feast for the soul.

rucola, pomegranate, walnuts, salad

TRaditional Bulgarian Shopska Salad

As promised, today you will get the first and one of the most traditional salads in the whole classic Bulgarian cuisine – the Shopska salad. The first time the recipe appears in a culinary book was the year of 1940, when it was not even a salad, but in the form of another very Bulgarian food – Lutenitsa (you will get this one, too). 

We know that salads are easy to prepare, but we doubt there is a salad more delicious than this one. We may be hyped, but still. It’s tasty and it knows it.

Spicy Indian Potato Salad

This third wave of delicious recipes will be all about Indian kitchen. 

Rich flavor, many herbs and easy to prepare – this is what our Spicy Indian Potato Salad is like. You only need to be patient about the potatoes – the rest is just a snap away from your table.

Since India has been a dream to us, we are trying to recreate the atmosphere of a nice moderate Indian place in one of the many corners in Delhi or Mumbai.

So, what you can do, is light a candle, put some Indian music on for a cozy background and enjoy this salad, along with the rest of the four-course meal you receive from us!

TRaditional Greek Salad

Geia sou file!

Or said otherwise, Hello friend! The Indian wave inspired us to make another 4-course meal, but this time we are South of Bulgaria. Greece! 

Lovely cuisine, rich history – what else do you need to know in order to guarantee you a delicious dish?! We definitely love this particular one – Greek salad.

Give it a try today!